Are you ready to move?

Welcome to Cycle and Win! The 4-week-long Nationwide campaign by Bulletproof x Browns with the core goal to promote movement. Running from Monday 21st November until Friday the 16th December, we will have 11 stationary bikes installed in 11 participating Browns Outlets. Our goal is to collectively burn 500,000 calories by the end of the 4 weeks, but this will only be possible with YOUR help.

Jump on a bikes and burn calories, and based on how many caloies you burn, you will win some GREAT PRIZES. If we reach our 500,000 calorie goal TOGETHER, Bulletproof x Browns will be opening up a PUBLIC OUTDOOR GYM.

How to Participate

Participation is simple; visit one of the 11 brown's outlets, register your information, and MOVE! With some awesome prizes in store, the more calories you burn, the more you earn!

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Visit one of the 11 participating Brown's Outlets and register your information (we will need your information in order to issue your PRIZES). Once registered, jump on a bike, and MOVE.


Quad Towers





Tigne Point

San Gwann





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LEVEL 01 - 20 Calories

For every 20 calories you burn, you will enter into our grand raffle to win FREE return flights for you and a friend from Air Malta to their EU destinations (T&Cs Apply). The raffle will be drawn once a week, meaning that each week, you get another chance to win!

For every 20 calories that you burn, you will be getting 1 more entry into our grand raffle! Good luck!

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LEVEL 02 - 100 Calories

Once you reach the 100 calorie mark, along with your raffle entries from level 1, you will ALSO receive:

Voucher redeemable on products or services from Brown's.

ONE week gym pass to 24/7 Fitness Club (LIMITED TO 200 PASSES).

10% discount on AIR MALTA flights.

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FINAL LEVEL - 500K Calories

The big boss, the final goal of our campaign; the OUTDOOR GYM. By the end of the 4 weeks, if we hit our 500,000 calorie goal, Brown’s and Bulletproof will be opening up a PUBLIC OUTDOOR GYM in Birguma, Naxxar. 500,000 Calories might seem like a lot, but if we do this TOGETHER, we will surely reach our goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often can I participate?
    You can participate as often as you want, there is no limit to how much you can move! Just make sure to get some rest in 😉 Fun game idea: Visit all the 11 outlets and try to burn calories at every one! Or, instead of going for your daily jog, bust out some calories on our bikes!
  • What are the opening hours and addresses of the participating Brown's Outlets?
    To view the opening hours of the outlets, click on the map to view the exact address and opening hours.
  • Do I need to purchase something from Brown's to participate?
    Nope! Participation is free and open to EVERYONE and ANYONE. Just visit any of the participating outlets, register your information, and begin to MOVE.
  • Do I need to pay to participate?
    No! Participation is free of charge. Payment is solely in the form of calories! And don't forget, the more you burn, the more you earn!
  • How will you be tracking my calories?
    The bikes at the outlets will be tracking the calories for you, and when you finish your ride, the attendants at the outlets will guide you on how to submit your calories and entries to the raffle.
  • Can I participate from home / my gym, or do I need to visit one of the outlets?
    As much as we'd like to invite everyone to participate from home, we feel that the system wouldn't be fair, hence why we've partnered up with Brown's to have campaign approved bikes in their outlets in order to give everyone a fair chance at participating, and to also make sure that we don't cheat our 500,000 calorie goal!
  • During what dates is the campaign active?
    The campaign launches on the 21st of November and will be running until the 16th December, with a grand closing event taking place on the 17th of December.
  • What are the T&Cs of the flight raffle?
    Thanks to our partners at Air Malta, we have 5 pairs of return flights to give away (1 per week, and 1 at the grand finale). Terms and conditions are as follows:
    Booking & Travel Period - Open from November 2022 until March 2023 on all European Winter Destinations - EXCLUDING AMSTERDAM AND BERLIN + ANY BLACKOUT PERIODS. Destination pool is as follows:
    Brussels, Catania, London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Lyon, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly, Rome, Vienna, Zurich.
  • How do I redeem my Level 02 prizes?
    When you reach the 100 calorie mark, you are entitled to various prizes, which can be redeemed via showing your level 2 card with 5 flame stamps (1 per 20 calories) to the attendant at Browns or the front desk at 24/7. To claim the AirMalta discount, the attendant at Brown's will give you a unique discount code. Prizes are as follows:
    • Voucher redeemable on PRODUCTS or SERVICES from Brown's
    • ONE week gym pass to 24/7 Fitness Club (LIMITED TO 200 PASSES)
    • 10% discount on AIR MALTA flights
  • Will the Outdoor Gym have an entry fee?
    No! Not today! Not Ever! The outdoor gym is FREE for EVERYONE to use. Our goal here is to promote movement, and movement should be a commodity for all to enjoy!