The Beginning

January 2020

The boys had an idea. That Idea?

To build a fitness community of individuals who are motivated to be the best version of themselves.

To inspire, motivate & educate people towards a healthier lifestyle.

To change the way the average person perceived fitness - as not a chore, but a desire.

To build a team of Malta’s best athletes & fitness enthusiasts to help inspire the everyday people to get up and get moving.

To be part of Malta’s change in sport & overall fitness.

To be the bridge between those who train and those who don’t.

To help shed a light on the importance of fitness.

To build a brand like no other.

To be Bulletproof.

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The Sessions

October 2020

One-off Unique Workout Sessions

We felt like it was time for the community to meet, train and connect with all these inspiring athletes part of the Bulletproof Team.

We wanted to create one-off sessions, with unique locations and surprises throughout to truly create a unique experience. Adding the funk to fitness.

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Bullet Cup

November 2020

Malta’s First Online Fitness Competition

A mixed-gender competition of 32 participants between the ages of 16 and 22, who went head to head on strength, mobility & endurance based challenges until there was only 1 winner.

Round of 32, Last 16 & Quarter Finals were held on Instagram story using our Bulletproof Culture filter whilst Semi Finals & Final were filmed live by the BP Team at Training Room.

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Black Friday

November 2020

Malta’s First Ever Fitness Free Pass

On Friday the 27th of November 2020, we hosted our first ever Black Friday.

Being a fitness community, one of our main goals is to always offer a unique opportunity for our fam. Only on that day, non-members were given the opportunity to try out any of the fitness centers that we had teamed up with, completely for free.

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Bullet Camp

March 2021

Malta’s First Online Fitness Bootcamp

The Bullet Camp consisted of 4 weeks, 140+ LIVE workouts & 20+ of Malta’s Best Trainers, Talks & Workshops which started on Monday the 22nd of March and consisted of 6-7 sessions/day ensuring there was something for everyone. Our aim is always to keep you moving.

Uniting the Community

May 2021

The One Stop Platform

If we had to take anything from 2020, it’s lessons learned. Having done so much gave us the opportunity to meet and chat with so many different people.

It gave us the insight into what these people are looking for. What’s stopping them from going to the gym, going for a run, or getting off the couch? We believe in convenience - which is what brought us to link all gyms, studios & boxes in Malta onto one platform.

The goal is to be as convenient and transparent as possible which gives users the ability to find their potential second home. From different fitness establishments, to amenities, localities and price points, it’s never been easier to scout through all of them at once.

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